Zymo Line

ZYMO LINE is an innovative range of biotech enzymes deriving from recombinant microorganisms, which are highly efficient and safe for application in the cosmetic field. The products of the Zymo range are specific enzymes microencapsulated with cyclodextrins or maltodextrins.
It is not an inclusion complex but an affinity complex (electrostatic bond with external functional groups).
Enzymes such as protein molecules are too large to be encapsulated into maltodextrins. Cyclodextrins and Maltodextrins are biotech products obtained from vegetable raw materials with considerable hydrating properties.
Cyclo/maltodextrins protect the active ingredient, improving its stability. Therefore, enzymes complexed with cyclo/maltodextrins maintain their activity for longer, once included in the finished cosmetic, allowing their properties to be fully exploited.