Services and Solutions

The use of state-of-the-art technologies allows I.R.A. Istituto Ricerche Applicate to always provide a service of the highest quality:

  • Research and development of new functional substances with specific biological activities, active ingredient transdermal delivery systems, such as: Liposystem complex®, Cyclosystem complex®, Hyalu-Cage® System, Dermahyal®;
  • Development of targeted projects managed in close collaboration with the client;
  • Analysis of new cosmetic formulations for a third party full service, from the idea to its industrial realisation. Contract production of bulk and packaged cosmetics (3-250 ml tubes, 15-1000 ml jars/bottles, 2-10 ml vials).
  • Contract creation and manufacturing of class I, IIA, IIB, and III medical devices. Our production is focused on specific types of injectable medical devices of aesthetic and orthopaedic use. The contract manufacture of medical devices is carried out through highly controlled and stringent processes to ensure maximum efficacy and safety of the product. I.R.A. Istituto Ricerche Applicate does not limit itself to planning and executive outsourcing, but also provides continuous assistance from the development of a product to its manufacture and validation.

The entire production and purification process, as well as the chemical-physical and microbiological analyses of the semifinished product before and after filling and packaging take place entirely in-house at I.R.A. Istituto Ricerche Applicate.
Hygiene and the environment are two uncompromising aspects of I.R.A. Istituto Ricerche Applicate’s company policy.
For cosmetics, I.R.A. Istituto Ricerche Applicate ensures a high production capacity (kg/day) with regards to the production of raw materials. Moreover, our large and modern packaging department is equipped with complete semiautomated lines that adapt to the various types of containers (jars from 5 to 1000 ml, bottles from 5 to 1000 ml, tubes from 3 to 250 ml, and vials from 2 to 10 ml).
As for medical devices, our production area has a central air conditioning system and a cleanroom equipped with a laminar flow and positive pressure air filtration system for sterile processes.
Our production standards also benefit from a reverse osmosis system for the production of demineralised water.
Our full service allows our clients to leave their packaging material, schedule production, and keep product stocks at I.R.A. Istituto Ricerche Applicate
The frequency of inventory checks and reports ensure perfect storage and control of the clients’ materials.
I.R.A. Istituto Ricerche Applicate’s contract production process consists of a series of activities in the following departments: management, research and development, production, quality control, regulatory assistance, storage and shipping.