Research and development of new cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations.


Development of new formulations. Always one step ahead. Since 1983.

The Research and Development laboratory is IRA’s driving force. This is where ideas take shape.

Technology advances, boundaries disappear, and competition intensifies. Today, more than ever, successful companies need a reliable partner to take on even the most complex and unpredictable challenges. Our goal is to be one step ahead to develop formulations that meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

A resourceful team.

Professionalism and competencies are only the beginning. To achieve excellence you need to be resourceful, explore new possibilities, and seize new opportunities. Our multidisciplinary and highly specialised team regularly participates in CPD events organised in collaboration with universities and the Italian National Institute of Health.

A guaranteed method.

Our goal is to develop new technologies, and to do so, we always start from a real need or problem. All this leads to a research project made up of several, sometimes parallel paths, which allow us to analyse multiple options and think outside the box, where the revolutionary ideas are.

We perform a series of analyses to optimise the method to ensure the reproducibility of the solution and we verify its effectiveness step by step. This way, each product is the result of a guaranteed production process that occurs in our laboratories in Italy.

Our studies in the fields of nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices allow us to take on projects that aim at developing new drug delivery systems, new dermocosmetic and nutraceutical formulations, applying nanotechnology to people’s wellbeing, and investigating new synthetic or natural active substances.

Quality and certifications Quality is not a shortcut.
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